AWeber still down after 3 hours!!

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 9:15am - Anonymous
Just paid to send a whole bunch of traffic to my squeeze pages only to find out that they are not responding because Aweber's servers are down. Does Aweber provide any sort of compensation for this?!?!?


Vince Lin on
yeah time to switch email hosts I think. Those a!*#$les
jacko on
amazon help desk tells me it wont affect my feedback if the buyer gives me a bad feedback for not getting their messages answered or if they don't get their package on time. I cant even get into my seller account since 1:30 am on 8-6-2013. what is going on here? the help desk on the phone told me it was only going to be down for 30 minutes. it is 12 hours later and still down. anyone else experience this problem? let me know with a email

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