unable to access email, cannot even get to the loggin screen

Wed, 05/16/2012 - 9:29am - Anonymous

SAML 2.0 authentication failed


Error details

FBTSML215E The name identifier policy in the authentication request could not be met by this identity provider.


Stack trace


jim on
me, too. Happened a few months ago, too. let me know if you figure it out. [email protected]
Bay Lumber on
Cannot login to my account! Need by business email! 12/20/12
I just started having this problem this morning. Is there something I can do or is it an AT&T issue?
Tommy on
having the same problem...try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access email until you get it figured out.
Reg on
SAML 2.0 authentication failed appeared yesterday. Can't get to email
Alicw on
I'm having the same problem. HELP!
John on

I get this with Firefox, but Chrome and IE are okay. Use a different browser to access mail for a while.

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