Menu NOT RESPONDING -- Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Sat, 08/25/2012 - 3:35pm - Anonymous


annoyed on
What's the deal with that?
Delores Fisher on
Where is my mail!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot get to it on ------ what do I do??
John Stultz on
You switch to your ATT home page. My won't come up. I WANT my again
Eileen J Borem on
I want my back. It just went off and I want it back.
Thomas Kaiser on
Thomas Kaiser on
I want my back
Please bring back my home page as it was at Regards, R$
Rene Hernandez on
I am not comfortable with your new page. Please allow your client/customers, the choice. I prefer my old page, att. thank you for your prompt reply. Rene’ H.
Richard pare on
Cannot get fully logged on. Page comes up blank, but acts as if fully loaded. Started slowing down loading pages a couple of days ago, and now it's down to zero.
Ruth Dancy on
modem is up but computer wont connect
I cannot get to come up as my home page. This has been going on for quite a while. What's up with that?
PKCWAX on will not come up as my home page. I do not want to use This has been going on for a while. What's up with this?
wayne on
I want my old site. I am not crazy about the new site either. Why does "progress" always mess things up when it comes to the internet?
Jim on
I want my ',Why do you have to change something thats working ?
Charles Alwine on
My will not come back, why not?
Rudedawg on
Mine will not come up either- homepage trys to load and freezes. I can access internet via Mozilla which is predominately used but occasionally I try but no go.
Mattie Mae Mitchell on
I cannot create a account or log in to the Internet at all. Every thing are not what you all say it is. But When my contract is up I am going prepaid.
Linda Mimms on

QWhat's going on??? I don't like this change!  I want my 'old' homepage back!  I got no warning that a change was coming, and if there was to be a change, I should have been given an option to keep or switch....


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