Can't log in to view or pay bill.

Mon, 08/12/2019 - 9:17pm - Anonymous
When trying to log in, I get a black screen that says "Please give us a moment. We're almost there!" but it never gets there even after an hour and multiple attempts.


FrankS on

Cannot log on to the ^&*( AT&T Website again.   Get the "eternal circle" forever.   I've done all the right troubleshooting like:  clear browser cache, clear ARP table, try a different browser.  Try a different computer too.   I have a Firefox browser the latest version.  

This is just flat poor customer service.    They need to move their IT department from whatever third-world hole they have it in back to some place where they have compent people.  I guess next month I'll mail a check and let them handle the paper.   It is so convenient for them and me as well.

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