site is down

Sun, 10/30/2016 - 10:40am - Anonymous

access forbidden, can't access the site for days now


Jason B on

I'm getting 403 forbidden and white page..., whats that mean?? mus be down


Jack on

Angelfire did report that there'd be a outage, however, they still are collecting our money. Do I see any legal action in the future? Sure.

TB on

For once in many years our provider gave advance warning of the upgrade that will take place from Friday, October 28 - Monday, October 31. So get a damn grip and put your lawsuit back in your pocket Chuck. I too pay for my site but if the provider warns us with notice then I can deal with it and so should you. When the provider drops the ball and fails to give notice then I'm on your side but on this day your over the top.

Al on

Updates on progress would be considerated. It's the 31st and my (paid) site has been down for 4 days.

Jack on

Yes, they (Angelfire) did state an upgrade, not an entire outage for 3+ days. Maybe you missed the last 2+ day outage w/o any warning whatsoever. Where does it end?

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