Error code 006-037-607

Sat, 03/04/2017 - 7:38pm - Anonymous

Using ABC app on Roku Premiere+


Amanda Gant on

Keep trying to play latest Once Upon A Time episode and keep getting this error message. 

Chessy on

Was this resolved for anyone? Cause it happened to me too

Thomas Coppola on

Trying to watch Modern family and keep getting this message. Already watched many episodes wihour incident.

Scott Brantley on

I'm getting the same thing. I just installed the ABC app on my Roku box and it's popping up all the time.

Tim on

Getting the same problem, watching the Middle.   I got through almost the entire episode but the last 5 min. has taken about 20 min and I still haven't been able to view the end of the episode. 


Tim on

I notice howevewr that the commercials have no problem playing correctly,  I've only seen the same one 4 times now, yet I can't watch 2 min of show beyond the commercial. 

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