The One-hour guarantee walmart site for registering will not load and keeps spooling. No

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 11:05pm - Anonymous

The wall mart One-hour guarantee site is not working. I am tryng to register my purchase so that I won't forget. This is a really big inconvience and hope you have this fixed soon and if not then Walmart needs to provide some additional accommendations or products. I love the "One-Hour" idea but these are kinks that should have already been worked out. Thank you Q.


Floyd Haymond on
call the 1800-966-6546 phone no. and was on hold for 25 minutes to let them know that i was unable to get on i have 2 cards for 32 and 40 inch emerson tv's. no one ever picked up the line, very frustraiting. Thought this would be professionally done. Very dissapointed
DM on
When we try to register our 32" emerson, it says "your card does not have sufficient funds". We got two of the tv's and both cards will not register. Whats going on Walmart???
Dennis Fields on
what do i do i cant get card registered ?
jenny Seymour on
Very disappointed having issues trying to register the 32" TV what are we to do!' I am not a whiz at this so need to have it very simple to register. looks like the site may be down a lot of people having issues
Penny on
I am also having is asking for a gift card number and the receipt number is not working. seems like it shouldn't be so difficult to get that right....maybe in the morning it will be fixed.
Bruce Bristow on
I have been trying to FIND a site to register a TV and I do not see any place to do that, I have called the store and nobody there can help me so if I can not get some help I will go back and get my money.lkCC
Ben Elliott on
I need to register my TV purchase so please notify me when this issue is corrected or inform me if I need to go back to Walmart for refund
Warren Murphy on
the purchase is already logged in on a gift card. I have tried to register the 32" tv since 6:30 11/28/13
shirley holloway on
am also having trouble as usual you people are making it diffucult i usually am not that stupid on a computer very frustrating
Nick Skinner on
Website not working to register IPod mini. I am a bit nervous as this cost me a lot of money and I did not feel safe doing it this way to begin with. The people at the register did not seem very knowledgeable and now the website will not work. Will be taking it back soon if not fixed ASAP.
Renee Williams on
Walmart should be ashamed. They get their money up front, guarantee the price of the TV for one hour in their ad, but they don't tell you they don't have the product in the store. You have to register on line with access code and pin Walmart provides, but of course the Walmart website doesn't work. I see a lot of refunds in Walmart's future if they don't get it together and stop being so greedy.
patti on
can't follow up my purchase of out of stock 32" tv with 1 hour guarantee PAID FOR card! website does not even come up! don't "bait and switch" walmart....if this does not work out...will NEVER participate in another walmart black Friday!
Jeff Roberts on
How do you register for the 1-hour in stock guarantee
toni on
this site sucks It's just like Obama health care site. what a joke...................
debbie armbruster on
What the heck, at least put something up so we know there is a problem and not let us wonder if we are going to get what we paid for. You have our money and we deserve an answer ASAP!!!!!!!
Bruce Sohn on
Can't get the site they gave us on the 1 hour guarantee in stock program I purchased a tv got the # and got the gift card but nothing works. What do I do.
rita on
cannot even find website to enter anything. Bought two items to register and only have one access code on my receipt. If I cant register by tomorrow, taking back and getting money. Please anyone give me the actual site they are on.....I have clicked on everything!!
Zernard Lesesne on
Looking for the correct site to register 1 Hour Guarantee Card for the 32 " flate screen. If the problem has not been corrected by noon 11/29/2013 I want a refund and not a gift card. Thank you very much!!!!
mike cerda on
I am try to register my card for my 32" tv I sand in line for 3 hour now I can register that,s bull s!*t
Toni on
Try getting on first thing in the Morning. Make sure you put the second email in there also. That's how I got it to work the number on your reseated you got from them
Bill Marone on
We have until sunday to register but I will be going back to wallmart to get my tv that I already paid for. I do not want a refund I want my tv and you will be giving it to me
Bill Marone on
I did not stand in line to get a refund I want the tv I purchased
toni robinson on
I need to register my wal mart is bs.....
Toni Robinson on
bull s!*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brenda on
I had a funny feeling that this was gonna happen. What's really bad is Wal-mart is not letting anyone know that they are aware of this issue. Very frustrating. What really get me is had to stand in line forever to find out that we would get card .....then you pay for it and thinking it will be no big deal to register online......LOL yea right. ERRRRRRRRRRR......not good Wal Mart.
wayne carter on
the 98 dollar tv
john smiley on
the site works as well as the obamacare site, what a fuc!@#$%^ joke. this is bulls!*t!
Sam on
Very frustrating. First stand in one long line only to be told it was the wrong line. Then to another line to get a piece of paper. Then thew cashier does not know how to handle it. Had to go to the store manager to pay for it. Got a receipt and gift card. Back home to try to enter the access code and gift card number. But the website says access code is not valid. The Access Code is from your receipt Walmart. Get your act together. Tried calling their help phone number but they don't answer.
beth iris on
Paid for the TV, received receipt, was told by the traffic handlers at Walmart I would receive the TV in 3 days after registering. i finally registeted the TV and I will receive the TV between Dec 14 through Dec21. what happened to 3 days? Very bad customer service. ~~~
toni on
Well I did get on the site and I DID IT. Don't know if this helps but when get on I still had trouble but when they ask for your email and another one for back up. if you cant get there to pick it up. When putting it in it went .
dwain on
I was not able to get through this morning, kept getting an error. I tried again two hours and all was good . My 32" t.v. will be here in two weeks
toni on

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