ps3 error code nw-8-17

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 1:42am - Anonymous
Hasn't been working regardless of the trouble shooting. Down since about 6:00 pm pacific time


mj on

do it say error nw-2-5 and error n- 8-17

mj on



why do it say error nw-2-5 and error n- 8-17

nick on

im getting error code nw-8-17 its 11:51pm been down from about 7:30pm

mark on

netflix what a joke. been tryin to get it to work since free trial what a joke.keep gettin code nw-8-17-4 cant do nothing with tro. bleshooting just cant make it work. i think my sat intrenet not fast enough wtf? netflix sure dont mind chargin u for something that dont work.

Margaret Kirschner on

I am unable to get Netflix.  I do get the code nw-8-17.  Yet I have paid for it for a couple months without being able to see a single movie.

Please fix, reimburse for lost months.  

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